Eat well.  Feel well.  Be well.

 Nutrition is the fuel which powers us each day. From nutritional counseling to supplementation, Vitality can help you improve your eating habits and turn them into a lifestyle.

Nutritional CounSeling

Want to get to the root of your eating habits? Sit down with us and we can guide you through your strengths and weaknesses. We address both macro and micro nutrients along with habits and tools to make changes. Each counseling session is unique and personalized to help you achieve your nutritional goals. 

Nutritional Products

Are you afraid your diet isn't offering you everything your body needs? Eating a well-balanced meal is not always the easiest or fastest. Sometimes you need a little extra help. This is what supplementation is all about; Giving your body the nutrients it needs.

We offer Standard Process nutritional products which are only available through healthcare
professionals. Standard Process provides whole-food based supplements from primarily organically-grown farms. Whole food supplements are made using real foods and contain nutrient amounts you would regularly find in your food. This makes the supplements much more friendly to your body allowing for easy digestion and absorption. 

More information on Standard Process Nutritional Products can be found HERE.


Nutritional education

Dr. Derenzo offers a wide variety of nutritional and general health education classes throughout the year. Starting in January 2017 we will be offering a new FREE series of health classes, Weeknight Wisdom at Vitality. These one-hour classes will focus on a particular health topic, teaching you not only how your body functions in that area but also giving you tools to correct imbalances and improve your health! You can find our upcoming classes on our Community Room Calendar