Restoring Alison's Joy

Alison lights up the office each time she visits us; Not to mention the mouth-watering treats she brings with from time-to-time! She's loves spending time with her grandbabies, being active in all the beauty the UP has to offer, and cooking up a storm. She's a food blogger and if you haven't checked out her page yet, we suggest you do. We are always happy to be taste testers for her latest recipe on 'That Which Nourishes'.

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What brought you to Vitality?

"I came to Vitality with little to no use of my right arm and in constant pain in much of my body. I am 43 and felt like I was elderly. A year and a half ago I hiked Isle Royal. By the time I got to Vitality I couldn't use a pen. My issues with pain had been increasing for two decades. When I first entered the  office I felt defeated, desperate, and in tears. I was unable to cook (I'm a food blogger), clean my own house, play with my grandbabies, play piano, or write a letter."

how has chiropractic care improved your life?

"Within three months of treatment my life has changed drastically. All of my activities and abilities have been restored. Dr. Derenzo's knowledge of muscle work and extremity work goes beyond typical chiropractic work. That extra knowledge is what gave my life back to me. I no longer live in constant pain. I participate in and enjoy anything I want to. I can lift my grandbabies and play piano for hours. My joy is restored as I know I am not destined to live in pain and am no longer held back by my body."

what would you say to a friend or family member who was curious about chiropractic care?

My family and friends don't need my words to believe in the work that Dr. Derenzo has done. The fact that I am functioning normally and happily has encouraged each of them to seek her care for themselves and with great success from structural alignment to digestive issues.

What has pleased you most in your course of care at our practice?

"I appreciate individualized and compassionate care backed by unique skill and capability; I walked in in pain and desperate for help with very little trust due to a past chiropractic experience. I felt this was my last hope for help as I refused to step into the realm of standard medical care. Given the drastic change I experienced, I would recommend Dr. Derenzo to anyone in pain or looking for an improvement in overall health."

anything else you want to add?

"From the minute you enter the doors of Vitality, you know you are somewhere special. The thought given to the detail of the office, to the thought behind the placement and quality of each staff member, speaks to the quality of care Dr. Derenzo offers."