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Restoring Alison's joy

Allison came to Vitality feeling "defeated, desperate, and in tears". She had little to no use of  of her right arm leaving her unable to play, lift her grandbabies, clean her own house, and cook. Being a fun-loving momma herself and food blogger, this had begun to dull her sparkle. You wouldn't know it today though! "Within 3 months of treatment my life has changed drastically. My joy is restored as I know I am not destined to live in pain and am no longer held back by my body" says Alison.

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Aandi's invested in her health!

Aandi has been turning to Chiropractic care for years to help her through injuries and optimize her life! She says " Overall, I feel Chiropractic care has had such a positive effect in my life. " Each visit she's a sponge, ready to soak up any information that can help her achieve her health goals; She's always excited to learn something new at each visit and we're excited to see her each time she walks through the door!

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Chiropractic care for colic

My lil guy was very colicky and would cry all day. Dr. Derenzo worked on him a couple days ago and he's like a new baby! He's smiling and cooing and laughing! So thankful!

-Bethany P.

CHIROPRACTIC care for neck pain

I woke up four days ago unable to turn my head to the right. Even without moving, I had deep, searing pain unlike anything I had ever experienced. It took several visits but I feel almost 100% normal now! I can't say enough good things about this Chiropractor! I will highly recommend her to everyone I know. 

-Elizabeth C.

Chiropractic care for back pain

I came in with a disc herniation, barely being able to walk. With a couple adjustments and muscle work, I was upright and walking without pain! Dr. Sarah is so passionate about chiropractic and her patients. Not only did I receive care, but nutritional advice as well. I highly recommend her!

-Vince C.

CHIROPRACTIC CARE FOR general wellness

Most in-depth appointment I've ever had. Highly recommend Dr. Derenzo for anyone who does a lot of moving and lifting for their job. She'll have you feeling like new in no time!

-Nick P.