The community room at Vitality is a space to learn, grow, create, and achieve. It's
a space to expand your mind through learning, promote your health through movement, and increase your creativity through art.


Yoga Classes

Join us each Tuesday and Saturday beginning April 15th for yoga classes with instructor Hailey Umphrey. Yoga is traditionally a spiritual and ascetic discipline. It includes breath control, simple meditation, and the adoption of specific bodily postures. Yoga is widely practiced for health and relaxation. Join us to start your own yoga practice!

Weeknight Wisdom

Join Dr. Sarah Derenzo for this FREE series of health classes! Each class is an hour long and will focus on a specific area of your health. The classes are designed to teach you how your body functions, dysfunctions, and provide you easy ways to improve your health!


Art Courses

(COMING SOON) Feed your creativity with art! Check out the wide variety of art classes we offer and you just may find a hidden talent. Classes are open to everyone from the novice to the expert artist.

Health Courses

From fitness to healthy eating, we offer a wide range of health-orientated courses to help you on your health journey. Check out our calendar to find our upcoming classes.

Check out our CALENDAR to see our upcoming classes and events!

Have a talent you want to share through our community room? Call us to discuss the details!