Carve Out Time For Your Health

October is the month of frenzied fall activities and sugary sweets. The changing seasons can easily sidetrack your focus on health and leave you feeling a bit gloomy. Make sure to carve out some time for your health this month! Do one of these 20 quick activities each day for the rest of the month to regain your focus and improve your health:


1. Take a walk

Weather it's around the block or miles long, stretching your legs and getting your heart pumping is an easy way to improve your health and clear your mind.

2. Jam Out

Put on your favorite tunes and sing at the top of your lungs. It's a guaranteed way to relieve some stress and get those endorphins flowing.

3. Be Artsy

Grab a pencil, paintbrush, marker, or crayon! Spend just a couple minutes doodling or make a masterful piece; Creative time is a great way to stimulate your mind and soothe your soul.

4. Pick up a Book

Grab an old favorite or a new best seller, curl up, and enjoy. Reading is a great way to use your imagination and learn something new

5. Scent it Up

Candles and oils and sprays oh my! Recharge your senses with a new scent. Don't have a candle handy? Grate an orange peel, slice up a lemon or heat up a cinnamon stick. 

6. Disconnect

Power down the laptop, put down the remote, and turn off the phone. Spend just 5 minutes without electronics. Just a couple minutes disconnected from electronics can jumpstart a connection to your body, brain, and emotions.

7. Hydrate

Fill up that water bottle and drink it down! Our bodies are almost 70% water. Hydrating can help you think clearer, feel energized and rid yourself of toxins.

8. Declutter

Spend just a few minutes tidying up your space. Put those dirty socks in the hamper, put that dirty mug in the sink, and straighten up. A tidy environment makes it easier to focus and can ease your anxiety.

9. Give thanks

Pick up a pen and write down 3 things you are grateful for. Reflecting on all you have can change your perspective and re-focus your mindset.

10. Sip some Tea

Put the kettle heating and pick out your favorite tea. From the savory flavor to the sweet smells, indulging in a tea can be a special treat to wake you up or calm you down.

11. Prioritize 

Take just a minute to asses all that is to be done and write yourself a "To Do" list. By listing them in order or priority it makes it easy to see what you should be focusing on throughout the day.

12. Dance

It doesn't have to be pretty, just go all out. Do the  M.C. Hammer or twirl like a ballerina. Not only will it make you smile but it gets your blood pumping!

13.  Laugh out loud

Cue up a cat video or look up some jokes. Laughter can change your mood! Take a few minutes to laugh out loud and watch your day transform.

14. Take a breathe

Inhale. Hold. Exhale. Be mindful of your breathe. Fill your lungs. Try to calm the rate and rhythm with each inhale. Breathing is a great way to calm yourself and increase the mind-body connection.

15. An apple a day

Enjoy all that fall has to offer with a season snack. From apples with cinnamon to pumpkins seeds, the flavors are savory and the smells indulgent. Who said healthy snacks have to be bland.

16. Write a letter

How excited are you when you get a piece of mail from a loved one? Give that excitement to someone else by writing them a letter. Even just a small "Thank You" note or silly drawing can brighten someones day.

17. Play Tourist

How often do you enjoy the amazing things right in your backyard? Stop at a park on your way home, walk through a local shop, or check out a new restaurant. Enjoy all that your town has to offer.

18. Stretch it out

Get out of that chair! Stretching gives your tight muscles a break and allows them to relax and heal. You would be amazed the difference a 30 second stretch break each hour can make in your day.

19. Ohm

Take a minute to quiet your mind. Observe your thoughts and let them pass by. Meditation does not have to be hard, it just takes practice. 

20. Reconnect

Pick up the phone, write a Facebook message, or send a loving text; Spending time reconnecting with those you love is always fulfilling. Time has a way of sneaking by. Don't let the relationships you cherish fall to the wayside.