The Gift of Giving

The cheer of the holiday season. Fresh cookies hot out of the oven. Family dinners teeming with love. The many warm memories that come to mind when you think of the holiday time. Memories made with the ones we love, those are the things that come to mind.

Now flip on the T.V. and what do you see? Commercials and ads a plenty. Specials and spending galore. Buy this. Give this. Want this. Need this! The magic of holidays memories past start to quickly fade. The smile turns to panic as we wrestle with what to buy. The perfect gift is surely out there... maybe down aisle 5?

With the holiday season rapidly approaching it can be easy to lose focus on what matters most to us. The pressure to find the perfect gift can easily turn into another pair of fuzzy socks for her or his 30th tie. Don't get caught up in the pressure of giving; Remember the gift is in the giving. Follow these easy tips to find the perfect gift every time:


It's about the experience

Not every gift has to come with a box. Sometimes the best gifts are the experiences you will treasure most. From tickets to a favorite sports team to a relaxing massage, they'll be sure to feel special with a gift that keeps on giving.


Personalize It

We're not talking engraving; Think of the things they love the most. Maybe they have a pet who is more like a child? Or a hobby they just can't put down? A gift that gives to the things they love most will warm their heart.


Needs a plenty

Giving a gift that fills a need is one of the best gifts to give! From a stockpile of their favorite snacks to help with their grocery bill to a gas card to fill their tank, gifts which help take a burden from those we love can help the holidays feel a little more jolly.


Give with a purpose

Our lives are filled with so many things! We have knick-knacks a plenty and drawers overflowing with "things". A gift which is not only something they would love but also has a purpose is surely the best. A gift with a purpose won't find it's way to the bottom of the junk drawer, or be put on a shelf to never be seen again; Instead it will remind them of you every time they use it!


Share talents

During the holiday seasons budgets can be tight. Don't let that dim your giving. We all have something to give. From babysitting to dance lessons or a one-of-a-kind artwork, your unique talents can give a unique gift filled with love.



Choose a gift that's unique. Shopping local can help ensure you find something they surely won't get from another. Art galleries, craft shows, and downtown stores a great place to find a special gift for a special person.


Your presence is your presents

Sometimes it's not about a present at all, but the mere fact that you're there! Holidays are about being with those we love so set aside some time during this busy season to spend with someone special. That time together may be just the present they needed!

Still can't find the perfect gift? We have gift certificates for functional massage sessions and nutritional consults available! Call us at (906) 523-7442 for more information or to purchase a gift certificate.