Add a little spice to your life!

While many of us use spices to add flavor and depth to a dish they also have numerous benefits to your health! Spices tickle your taste buds and provide your body with a healthy dose of antioxidants, anti-inflammatory properties and so much more! Check out the power that is packed into these spices and a couple ways to work them into your next meal:



If you're looking for something with antibacterial AND antimicrobial properties, give basil a try. Basil is known to fight infections and viruses which is just one of various benefits.

Pesto and marinara sauce are two of the most popular dishes to make with this savory spice.


Antioxidant properties, digestion, migraine, joint & nerve pain, boosts metabolism

Add cayenne to water with lemon, sprinkle on seafood, add to hot chocolate for a little extra kick of flavor, add to omelets, eggs, and salads


Cardamom can help to treat UTI's, relieves sore throats and hiccups, and also aids in the prevention of colon cancer!

Cardamom is a popular ingredient in yeast breads, is used to sweeten coffee, and can even be used as a natural breath freshener!


Cumin removes toxins from your body, prevents premature aging, reduces blood glucose, and is beneficial for lactating mothers. 

The most common use of cumin is probably for making curry and taco seasoning, but that's not all it can be incorporated into. Try it in a potato dish, spice up a cold noodle salad, or sprinkle it on fish.


Garlic's proven anti-inflammatory properties may be helpful to those of you with psoriasis. Do you know anyone with athlete's foot? A warm foot bath with garlic can help that too! Garlic also boosts your immune system. Keep that in mind as we're in the middle of the cold season.

First things first, don't go overboard with garlic! It can easily mask other flavors in a dish. Put it in a roast, try it in soup, sauté it, even eat it plain if you're adventurous!


If you commonly have indigestion or nausea then ginger may be the spice for you! It aides in the secretion of enzymes that neutralize stomach acids and relaxes stomach muscles to allow food to flow.

Try ginger tea, put it in a stir-fry, or warm up some milk and add ginger to it.


Peppermint in particular has a calming effect that is useful for anxiety, nausea, muscle pain, itchiness, skin irritation, calms fevers in children, and many other health concerns.

Popular Christmas treats often include peppermint, such as cookies, candy bark, and cakes. Treats and candy aren't the only things you can include peppermint in though. Sweeten tea and coffee with this cool plant!


Treat indigestion and vitalize your cognitive performance with this special spice.

Add it to a meat dish, try it with sriracha, roast it with vegetables, grill it on fish, and of course with potatoes!


One of the biggest benefits of turmeric is its anti-inflammatory abilities. Some believe it is more effective than some drugs and medications on the market. A lesser known benefit is turmeric's aide in healing wounds. It has a soothing effect on sore joints and ulcers too!

Turmeric can be sprinkled on chicken, made into curry, even make pickles with it!