Stress; It's more than emotions

In this fast paced world it seems you can't go a day without some sort of stress. Work, meetings, bills, family; The list just seems to grow. We know all too well the emotional stress of everyday life. But stress is not always emotional. Stress can come in many forms. Most of us think of the emotional stress we incure but pay little thought to the chemical or physical stress we submit ourselves to daily.

The food we eat, the chair we sit in, the products we use; Each of these have the capability to cause our bodies chronic stress. It is all to often we overlook the things we use every day because they have become habit or the norm. It's time to take a look at our day with a fresh set of eyes. Does your morning cereal come with a heaping dose of food coloring, chemicals and sugar? Is your favorite chair encouraging poor posture? Here are a few ways to reduce the daily stress on your body you may not have even been aware of.



Neon green and citrus orange drinks, candy that comes in every color under the sun, breakfast cereals that stain your tongue; Our food choices are laden with chemical. Some of which can easily be seen, like coloring additives, and others which you would never know are there such as preservatives and flavor enhancers. Our bodies are designed to eat real food, not the food-like substances created in a lab which all too often make it into our pantries. You can reduce much of your chemical load by ditching the box and choosing foods that are found fresh in the supermarket. If it comes from the dirt, a tree, or bush it is designed for you! If you can choose organic options, even better. When it comes to fruits, veggies, nuts, and seeds the more color represents health! Color represents crucial vitamins, minerals, and phytonutrients. So the next time you're in the store make sure you're choosing the right rainbow to eat from.


Re-Assess Your Desk

If you spend most of your day sitting in a chair that is in fact shaping your posture. A few simple changes can help you keep yourself standing tall. For starters, move your monitor to your eye level. Looking up or down puts increased pressure on your neck and over time can cause degeneration. Your keyboard should be at a height to let your arms sit comfortably with a 90 degree bend at the elbow. Finally, if your chair is missing that crucial low back support, roll up a hand-towel or grab a roll of paper towel to tuck behind your low back. Keeping the curve in your lower back can reduce pressure throughout the spine.


Pick Your Products with Thought

From the cleaners we spray on every surface of our home to the lotions we rub into our skin; each of our products have an effect on our overall health. The more often you use a product, or the closer its contact with your skin, the more powerful the effect. Choosing "green" products, or products with more natural ingredients can decrease your toxic load. If you are only willing to change a few, start with those that effect you most; The products you use on your skin, in your mouth, and for your clothes which you're in contact with every day. Changing just one product can have a greater impact than you may think when you consider how much you use it over a lifetime!