6 Ways To Give It 100 Percent All Day, Every Day

Do you feel like you start your day ready to give it your all? Many people leave the house anticipating a 'bad' day, and it all goes downhill from there. By mid-morning their attitude/outlook is at 50 percent or less. I find that if you start your day at 100 percent-plus, you set yourself up for success. Even if things do go awry, you may only drop to 80-90 percent, which is a lot better than life in the 40 percent range for your mindset!

Of course, starting the day at 100 percent is not that easy - or is it? Here are six things you can do right now to start every day at 100 percent.

Start Your Day Early
You may not be thrilled about waking up early, but even by getting to work one hour earlier every day (five hours a week, 20 hours a month, etc.), imagine how much more productive you could be and the momentum you could bring to your daily routine? 

Start and End Every Day With a To-Do List
Maybe two lists - one consists of people (clients, returning calls, etc.), and the other is tasks (thank you notes, documents to review, items to be completed). You could devote a set amount of time for the people - and the rest toward cranking out projects. Did you accomplish everything? If not, include what you didn't accomplish in tomorrow's to-do list.

Read Something Positive - And Relevant
Jump start your day by reading an article or blog that gets your blood pumping. Does it focus on a topic that will be helpful in the work day that lies ahead? Why not read something that teaches or reminds you how to approach your day with a positive mindset.

Tackle Your Most Challenging Tasks First
Whatever takes the most time, gives you the most heartache, and requires the most energy, do it first, and do it now. Get it out of the way so you can move on.

Speak More To Those You Admire
Make a list of the top 10, or, if you're lucky, the top 20 people you know who inspire and charge you with positive energy. Stay in contact with them often, ask their advice, offer them yours - just respect their time. Positive energy is contagious - catch it whenever you can.

Make Time To Do Something Fun
Make time to get to the gym, catch a movie, go to Junior's soccer game. Play requires the same 100 percent. 

Create positive habits around these ideas, and some others that you might have, and put everything you have into your daily game plan.